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Australia’s Leading Online Hydroponic Shop for All Your Indoor Gardening Supplies

Thinking of starting your own little indoor garden? An experienced horticulturist looking for equipment? No matter what stage you’re at, we have one of the best online stores, with all the supplies needed for hydroponic gardening.

Adelaide owned and operated, we are committed to giving all of Australia easy access to hydroponic equipment with our online store. We also have a physical store in Kent Town for those of you that would like to come in and have a chat with our team about hydroponics and indoor gardening.

Get High Quality Hydroponic Equipment to help Plant Growth

Hydroponics is great way to start growing your own plants. It uses much less water then traditional gardening and it’s the less expensive option as well. Because you’re using solutions that contain all the right nutrients, the plants tend to grow better as well. Plus, hydroponic plants usually have less issues with bug infestations and diseases.

As a well-regarded hydroponics equipment supplier, Hobby, Hydro & Homebrew is one of those stores that has a range of products you can shop for. From additives and nutrients, meters, timers and measuring supplies as well as grow tents — especially for customers that want a large indoor garden.

For those of you that love to enjoy a drink in your garden, as we know a number of our Adelaide customers do, we also have a range home brews for you to try! Get supplies to make your own home brew for an even more refreshing taste.

Spend your weekends tending to your lovely hydroponic garden while drinking homemade beer or cider. It couldn’t get any better.

A Trusted Hydroponics Equipment Supplier for All Australians

Find out why we’re one of Adelaide’s favorite hydroponic gardening tools and equipment supplier and browse through one of our stores (online or in person) today.

If you have any questions about our products, feel free to send us an online enquiry and we’ll get back to you promptly. You can also check out our blog or podcasts for tips and tricks on hydroponics.

customer testimonial

Robert - South Australia July 2019

Purchased some Duel Fuel 2 Part and lets say it works well. Green Planet Nutrients was a new discovery for me and looking forward to the end result.

Adam - South Australia August 2019

Med-Tek Nutrients works 100% my plants are looking amazing and my Tomatoes!!!!!!!! FRICKEN AWESOME. THANKS for everything guys. 

Alex - South Australia March 2019

You guys are killing it. Really quick delivery. Probably the best in Adelaide. 

Kelly -  Mt Barker August 2019

Thank you for my spirits. Just about to distill and add some amazing gin to it. 

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