Ultimate Hydroponic Starter Kit | Tent | Filter | Fan | Light Kit | Tent | Pot | Nutrient

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Tent Brand and Size

Lets get ready to grow indoors this year with the Ultimate Hydroponic Starter Kit. 


1 x Tent

1 x Filter and Fan

1 x Light Kit 600W Hortitek Eco

1 x GoGro 25L Pot Kit

1 x Green Planet Nutrients Starter Kit 1L Set

The GoGro System is the definitive self-watering pot system, requiring minimal upkeep and engineered to provide maximum yield and versatility.

Designed with modularity at its core the GoGro can be used as a single unit or extended to use with multiple pots (with the GoGro Extension Kit). Based on the GoGro Valve, the system does not require electricity to work. The GoGro valve will regulate the amount of water supplied to the plant from a central nutrient tank so that just the right amount of nutrient is supplied, giving you peace of mind. Flexibility is essential for any budding grower and with the GoGro, flexibility comes in abundance! Add as many pots as you want using our extension kits – for single or multiple lines. The systems are readily available in sets of four but can be expanded using these kits.

How Does the GoGro Valve Work?

  • 25ltr Pots
  • Also Fits Rhizo Pots or Airpots
  • Produces amazing results, particularly with Hy-gen Coirlite
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • No electricity/pumps are required or no timers required!
  • Simple to use and set up with full instructions
  • Suitable for all Greenhouses, indoor gardening simple hydroponic system
  • Keeps your plants watered automatically
  • GoGro can be used as a single unit or extended for multiple systems from the same nutrient tank.


The unrivalled 3 part nutrients system consists of a combination of all primary, secondary and micronutrients in three separate formulas: Grow, Bloom and Micro.

  • No synthetic dyes are used in the manufacturing of these products. The colours are naturally derived and are light, heat and acid stable.
  • The product is designed to be seamlessly integrated into any feeding schedule and to replace any current three-part system on the market.
  • The formulation contains no carbonates unlike a number of other products on the market.
  • All of the ingredients are 100% water soluble and are immediately available to your plants.
  • 100% chelated micronutrients with 3 unique sources of iron designed for a broad range of pH environments.
  • Provides more flexibility than a conventional 2 part nutrient system.
  • Does not leave a heavy salt residue due to its low salt index. 


• Indoor Sun 600W HPS lamp

• Eco Medium dimpled reflector

• Eco 600W HPS magnetic ballast

Delivers a complete lighting solution in one box

The combination has been specially chosen to deliver the optimum light output and light quality value.