Planter Billy White

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This item is handmade so there will be irregularites in the pattern and imperfections in the glazing.
Setting in motion container gardening due to little or no garden space or to add rustic charm to one's interior had never been easier. Planter Billy White features shapely geometric patterns, eggshell texture in prominent body parts and noticeable goatee. This planter adds an appeal to any indoor garden or outdoor sitting areas.

Place this planter on the ground; mount it on a windowsill or the front porch for adequate sunlight. Plant with no to less air and sunlight is more susceptible to disease and insect damage. So this planter alongside plant is best placed on the porch as an eye-catching accent. The beauty of this is seen in the warm and welcoming appeal it gives to the guest. Planter Billy White has a symbolic connotation of fertility and reproductiveness. These positive vibes are spread to household plants bound to grow and blossom accordingly. This planter is made from ceramics, a non-corrosive material. It is durable and resilient. Plus, ceramic is immune to all forms of chemicals.