Biscotti Glass Jar Sml

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Nuts about the Biscotti Glass Jar
With Australia being the top producer of almonds in the Southern Hemisphere, it's little wonder that we have named this jar after the much-loved biscotti. The popular Murray River nut can be saved in this jar for snacking as well as for incorporation into a biscotti mixture. It goes without saying that cashews, walnuts, pine nuts, every nut under the sun for that matter would easily be accommodated but it's the almond that sits most comfortably in this glass container. Centuries ago, what could be considered the world's healthiest nut, travelled from Asia to Europe via the Silk Road and was soon flourishing in the Med but it's move further south is why Aussies love almonds. Some say that pine nuts or pistachios are a sufficient alternative when baking biscottis but unblanched, natural almonds are the wat to go and the Small Biscotti Glass Jar is where they should go.