Can-Fan RK200S Centrifugal Speed Adjustable Fan + Can-Lite 1000 Carbon Filter

Can-Fan RK200S Centrifugal Speed Adjustable Fan + Can-Lite 1000 Carbon Filter

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The Original Can-Fan RK200S Centrifugal Fan

The precise 4 speed control position enables the grower to allow for seasonal variation, yet still offer ultra reliable performance.

Fans with dimmer type switching can be set on unsuitable inefficient positions which can lead to fan failure. The German fan technology along with the Dutch growing experience have combined to find 4 lock in speed settings for each model that are not only beneficial in crop climate control but also assure the grower of safe reliable performance.

  • Diameter MM: 200
  • Max. Output (m³/hr): 820
  • CFM: 483

Important information in selecting the right fan for the job:

  • Fitting a carbon filter will decrease the fan output by around 20%
  • Always aim to replace the air in a room every 2-3 minutes


200MM (8" Inch) Dutch Original Can-Lite 1000 Carbon Filter 530CFM

The Can-Lite carbon filter is the latest addition to the Can-Filters Carbon filter range. Recently released after years of testing and research, the Can-Lite has been developed with ease of installation, durability and effectiveness in mind.

The Can-lite is manufactured using a similar process to Can-Filter 'Classic but instead using a highly perforated, light aluminum casing and a special grade of virgin CKV-4 carbon. This allows the filters to be lighter and handle larger air flow rates without any odor breakthrough.

  • Light weight
  • Can handle relatively high (fan) flow rates
  • Flanges are pre-fitted to the filter
  • Packaged in their own individual carton
  • Pre-filter included


  • Outside Diameter: 300mm
  • Max Flow Rate: 250 L/S or 530CFM
  • Height: 500mm
  • Total Weight: 12kg
  • Thickness of Carbon Bed: 50mm
  • Installation : Vertical or Horizontal
  • Activated Carbon Type : CKV-4 light
  • Max Operating Temp: 80ºC
  • Max Relative Humidity : 70%
  • Pre-Fitted Flange Size: 150, 200 or 250mm