CYCO Flower A&B 1L PGR

CYCO Flower A&B 1L PGR

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Cyco Flower Part A

Cyco Flower Part A cleverly initiates a faster response time to the flowering process, by halting branch elongation via the use of plant growth regulators and key amino acids. These (PGR’s) are balanced with a range of vitamins that assist in supporting this transitional period. Containing a revolutionary dormant trigger, Part A prepares your plants for the most radical flower development to follow.


Cyco Flower Part B

Cyco Flower Part B provides the next step to the synergistic equation activating a dormant trigger that unleashes a cellular division process that is immediately visible. Part B also provides the key elements required for plant photosynthesis to occur, accelerating initial and continued flower
development, to unparalleled levels. Not only are greater yields achieved, but also a quality that out performs the rest of the competition by miles.

Registered for sale in AUSTRALIA with the APVMA