Green House Powder Feeding Bio Enhancer

Green House Powder Feeding Bio Enhancer

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Enhancer by Green House Feeding is the key to getting an explosive, vigorous, productive and flavorful crop. It contains algae extract, humic acids, mychorrhizae, Bacillus Subtilis and no NPK.

Its main purpose is to increase your plants' vitality, increasing available nutrients and bringing important bacterial life to your soil. The plants' roots live in a sort of symbiosis with the fungi in this product, which "colonize" your plants, creating a protective barrier between your plants and other fungi that want to attack them. You should also apply it through irrigation every 15 days throughout your plants' entire life cycle, stopping two weeks before it's time to harvest.

Mix BioEnhancer with water and apply to the plants when watering, once every two weeks. Can be used during the whole cycle (vegetative growth and flowering). Use the BioEnhancer after transplant for better root development. 


  • Waterings: 0,5-1g/L water every two weeks  
  • Foliar application: 3-5g/10L  
  • Seed treatment for germination: 0,5-1g/L water  

Use within 24 hours after mixing!  

  • Coco: Adjust the pH of your water before adding BioEnhancer to 5.0