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GRO-DIRT provides growers with consistently high quality and heavy yields. It is suitable for use Indoors, Outdoors or in Greenhouse cultivation. It is our full spectrum, complete solution for growers who want maximal output and quality, with a minimum of input.


It all starts with our base mix, specifically developed to be a fluffy and free draining microbe home with maximum air fill porosity. We combine this with H.P.O's superior HigH-PowR humic compost, premium organic amendments, I.M.O enriched bio-dynamic composts and the finest natural minerals available along with our special blend of Endo/Ecto Mycorrhizae, Trichoderma, and Soil Probiotics.


This creates a 100% Organic Living Soil that has excellent drainage, rich in microbial life and complete whole-food nutrition for your plants, just the way nature intended.


GRO-DIRT can be used standalone from cutting until cutdown with just fresh water (rain or filtered for bonus points) and love! It requires no boosters or additives and is ready to use, right from the bag.