HoundHouse Original Green Canvas Kennel - Small L54 x W48 x H48

  • $180.00
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  • Provides comfort for your dog during all seasons of the year, day & night!
  • Lightweight, waterproof & made of premium quality marine grade canvas!
  • Provides natural ventilation in warm weather and insulation in cold weather!
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use! Available in 4 sizes!

The HoundHouse Original Canvas Dog Kennel is a lightweight and sturdy dog house suitable for use all year round. The HoundHouse hood is made of waterproof, marine-quality canvas that expands in the summer and contracts in the winter providing your dog with natural ventilation and insulation throughout all seasons.

The base of the HoundHouse is raised off the ground for comfort and is made of a strong mesh that stretches but doesn't sag over time. The thick mesh prevents fleas from laying their eggs in the weaves. With your HoundHouse order, you will receive a cosy, scratch resistant, tie-in mat for your dog's convenience. This mat features a soft foam core providing puppies, adult dogs, senior dogs and dogs with joint/muscle issues a comfortable place to rest.

The frame of the HoundHouse is made of steel and is lightweight. If you're travelling/camping with your furry friend, disassembling and reassembling the HoundHouse is simple! To see how to set up the HoundHouse watch the video below - assembly starts at 1:27.