Hy-Gen Coco Compressed Blocks - 5KG/70L | Coconut Fiber Husk | Potting Mix

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Hy-Gen Coco Peat is a 100% natural Growing medium. Derived from coconuts, it is a renewable resource perfect for hydroponics, seed raising, soil improving and for use in potting mixes. Pre-flushed for low salt content, pre-buffered with calcium and magnesium and also pH stable.

Hy-Gen compressed Coco Peat blocks are economical and easy to use.

To use, simply place in an appropriately sized container, add water according to the instructions and allow to expand to full volume.

  • 650g block makes approximately 10L of Coco when fully expanded.
  • 5kg block makes approximately 70L of Coco when fully expanded.



  • Natural & Biodegradable
  • Calcium & Magnesium Buffered
  • Excellent Drainage
  • Low Salt
  • Ph Stable
  • Premium Quality
  • Suitable For Hydroponics, Seed Raising, Soil Improving And Potting Mix
  • Suitable For Vegetables And Flowers
  • No Harmful Chemicals Added
  • High Water Holding And Air Fill Porosity