JP-065 Water Pump

  • $40.00
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JP-065 submersible water fountain pump 1200L/h Fresh & Marine + flow adjustment
These multi-function submersible aquarium water pumps can be used for many different applications and come complete with full flow rate adjustment meaning you can ensure the flow is as you require for whatever task you use the pump for. This high pressure water pump can be used for a sump filter, fountain, pond, protein skimmer, wave maker etc.
It is designed to be fully submersible for both freshwater and saltwater.

Your pond /aquarium will get an immediate boost if you install a waterfall or fountain to agitate the pond surface and help release gases such as CO2. This also enables the water to absorb more oxygen, which will, in short time, help reduce the presence of algae.

Ideal for fresh and marine water, includes a ceramic shaft to eliminate any corrosion.  

  • 230-240V 50HZ
  • 22Watt
  • 2M Head Lift Max
  • 1200L/H
  • 0.6kg