Kegerator 3 Font

Kegerator 3 Font

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With this 3 Tap Kegerator you can pour three of your favourite beers at the same time. 
Including a C02 regulator, gas and liquid disconnects and tubing and a 3 tap beer tower with 3 chrome plated taps. 
• Can fit up to 3 x 19 L cornelius kegs or one 50 L 
commercial keg 
• Thermostat 0°C up to 28°C 
• Temperature is controlled using a front mounted digital thermostat so it is easy to set the optimum temperature for the type of beers being dispensed. 

External Diameter: 
Width 616 mm 
Depth 605 mm 
Height 891 mm 

Internal Diameter: 
Width 540 mm 
Diameter 395 mm 
Height 725 mm 

Capacity 163 L 
Weight 47 kg