Porcelain Bird

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The love for porcelain figurines can be understood well if one looks at this collection of tiny figurines from Lavida truly delicate, very imaginatively captured and so well crafted that even those who are not its biggest fans would love to own these tiny little add on for the home .

Porcelain has the ability to make the smoothest of sculptures come alive with a life of their own and this pretty little bird figurine capture one such posture of a bird that seems to be warming her eggs or simply nesting as the sun dips below the horizon .One can see the painstaking effort that has gone into creating the lifelike features seem all the more detailed-be it the pert head or the feathers set in three layers, the curve of the fluffed up belly and the downy feathers or the tail stretched out. Porcelain has the innate ability to create fluid lines and present a pristine look that makes little figurines made in this medium truly delightful. A lovely little addition to ones collection of tiny creatures is what makes this bird worth a second look. Would look wonderful when placed next to other little creatures or next to one's plants and nature related decor items.