Sphagnum Moss 500g Brunnings 40L Orchids Reptile Carnivorous Florist Pots

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Sphagnum Moss is naturally air dried to preserve the optimal quality of the moss. Brunnings Sphagnum Moss passes through a series of cleaning techniques, both mechanical and manual, where contamination is removed. 

Sphagnum moss is a versatile product renowned for its remarkable natural properties; it is long lasting with an excellent water holding capacity.

It is commonly used

  • By commercial and hobby growers in the cultivation of various orchid species.
  • As a decorative enhancement.
  • In the Floristry industry.
  • For assisting with young plant growth.
  • By carnivorous plant growers.
  • For reptile bedding.
  • As an additive to increase water holding in other substrates.